Step TRUTNOV welcomed last week ex-minister Martin Bursík and Jan Habarta, the President of CZ Biom

Last week, Step TRUTNOV received a rare visit consisting of Martin Bursík, ex-minister and chairman of the Chamber of Renewable Energy Sources, and Jan Habarta, a representative of CZ Biom. The aim of the joint meeting was to introduce and show the Company's unexampled products in the sector of combustion of different types of biomass.

The meeting discussed the possibilities of using waste plant biomass in technologies of commercial boilers produced by Step TRUTNOV. Other topics included types of biomass that form the most cost-effective fuels without prior technological adaptation and enable conversion not only to the heat, but also to electricity. The issue of wasting when improper biomass material is burned along with coal was also mentioned.

Press release in PDF (CZ)