Company profile

Step TRUTNOV a.s. has a quality control system in accordance with CSN EN ISO 9001:2009. The production of the company and its products are certified according to the Directive of the European Parliament and PED 2014/68/EU and as amended by the Government č.219/2016 Sb. The production and the products are manufactured according to the requirements of the standards AD 2000 Merkblatt, , ČSN 69 0010,ČSN  EN 13445, DIN EN ISO 3834-2.ASME CODE VIII(no-Stamp/not covered) GOST standard. The company has introduced system of environmental management according to DIN EN ISO 14001.

Company's economic and technical growth is achieved through teamwork by engineers, technicians, and production and assembly workers. The company's aim is to provide the customer with a complex product and service, so in many related areas and specializations we cooperate with external co-workers and partner firms.