Step TRUTNOV participated in the Czech Innovation competition

Prague, 28 February 2013 - Step TRUTNOV plc became participants in this year's Czech Innovation that took place in February earlier this year. The programme of this competition, attended by the company for the first time, was accompanied by a "festival of innovations", which attracted as many as five hundred visitors. "Taking part in such an event was very interesting. Not only everyone was able to draw inspiration for new ideas, but there was also the opportunity to meet several successful managers who shared stories about their roads to success. Sure we would be happy to come to the festival again the next year," Klára Pavlíčková, the representative of Step TRUTNOV, commented the atmosphere.

As it was often heard at the festival that innovation is not just about technology, but namely about the state of mind. After all, this was exactly what thrived in the creative festival atmosphere and debates rich in suggestions, tips and tricks how to break through with good innovative ideas. The busy full-day schedule culminated in the awards ceremony, the evening stage seeing the winners of technology awards as well as champions of all the five competition categories gradually taking turns. The latter group then produced the absolute winner, elected by those visiting the event.