Step TRUTNOV Company has participated for the first time in the TOP Responsible Company

Praha, 8th November 2012 - Step TRUTNOV Company has participated for the first time in the TOP Odpovedna firma (TOP Responsible Company), which was held for the ninth time. Prestigious award for responsible business has declassified this year's winners at a gala ceremony at the Czech National Bank. In addition, a record number of 80 companies have competed this year. Moreover, these companies will be able to compete at the European level.

„This year brought a few surprises. The winning companies from relatively non-traditional sectors such as construction and many small and medium enterprises won in several categories over the large companies,” says about the results Pavlina Kalousová, President of Business for the company, a national platform for responsible business.

Awards have been received by companies that are, in their business, inspiration for their surroundings and include in their strategies a responsible approach to the environment, to its employees, to the place of business and towards to customers and business partners. br />
Step TRUTNOV won third place in the category of small businesses. The Commission assessed the long-term nature and diversity of the company's approach. The company's target is to support sectors such as social, culture, and sport. "We are proud to be named among the TOP three socially responsible companies. The effort of our employees, who work hard throughout the year, has been appreciated. Although we are aware of gaps and possibilities for further development, we are honored to be recognized as a responsible player in our market. If the financial situation of the world market, in the following year, will be favourable, we are ready to promote other social responsible project that has been prepared by our team," says Libor Pavlíček, Chairman of Step TRUTNOV Company.

TOP Odpovědná firma 2012 (TOP Responsible Company 2012)

TOP Responsible Company 2012 is an award, which is devoted to valuation of companies in key sectors of social responsibility and sustainable business. Participation is open to large or small companies. The decisive factor is primarily the quality of strategy, innovation and systematic approach, not the size of the company itself or financial support or investment. br />
The competition is held under the auspices of the President of the Chamber of Deputies Miroslava Němcová, Prime Minister Petr Nečas and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Partner of the competition, in the framework of European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations 2012, is European Commission Representation in the Czech Republic. Patronage of the category of the Regional Trader assumed Minister for Agriculture, Petr Bendl and the partner of this award is Regional Food.

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